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  • 1 Months Free Detergent

    1 Months Free Detergent

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    Now with 1st month's detergent free on all scrubber driers Let Karcher Detergents take you further: 400 x further.
  • 3 Year Warantee & Cashback

    3 Year Warantee & Cashback

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    3 Year Warranty plus up to £500 cashback available on all Kärcher professional pressure washers*
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  • Clean Now Pay Later

    Clean Now Pay Later

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    SCRUB NOW PAY LATER For shiny floors. With Kärcher scrubber dryers, floors are hygienically clean and spotless. Sparkling performance guaranteed. Our all-rounders and specialists complete all kinds of home cleaning tasks quickly and economically. Available on all new Walk-Behind, Step-On and Ride-On Scrubber Driers including combination machines